About me

Welcome to Vikash Choudhary’s digital abode.

I’m a PhD student in ROLI lab at Max Planck Institute of Biological Cyebernatics, Tubingen, Germany.

Within the vast realm of knowledge, I dwell as a fervent seeker of understanding within the field of biology. However, my true passion lies in the enigmatic study of the brain, a domain that captivates my every thought. Exploring the intricate biological underpinnings of the human mind remains one of science’s most profound frontiers, awaiting discovery. Just as relativity, quantum physics, evolution, and the revelation of DNA revolutionized our understanding of the world, comprehending the brain-mind relationship holds the potential to be an equally groundbreaking breakthrough. It possesses the power to reshape our perception of self within the confines of our existence.

Hence, my research focuses on delving into the intriguing domains of internal brain and behavioral states, sensory and motor systems, neural excitability, neuroimaging, neuroengineering and neural oscillation. By exploring these diverse areas, I aspire to uncover the very essence of cerebral function — the mysterious workings that give rise to the human mind and its intricate interplay with our subjective perception of reality.