About me

This is Vikash Choudhary’s home on web.

I’m a PhD student in ROLI lab at Max Planck Institute of Biological Cyebernatics, Tubingen, Germany.

In general, I’m interested in the field of biology but specifically studies related to brain are more captivating to me. Understanding the biological foundation of the mind is one of the great unsolved frontiers of science. Once we understand the biological basis of mind or in simple words brain mind relationship then we can figure out consciousness which may sit alongside relativity, quantum physics, evolution, and the discovery of DNA as one of the paradigm shattering breakthroughs in science. It has the potential to reframe our conception of who we are in the world in which we find ourselves. That’s why my research interest lies in “Neurogenesis, Sensory and motor system, Neural excitability, Neuroimaging, Neuroengineering, Neuroheuristics, Neural oscillation and Brain computer interface”. I believe that these areas have the potential to lead us to the essence of how the brain works, simply, how the brain creates the mind and its relationship to subjective perceived reality.